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Digital Lifestyle
Nowadays, everyone has an “iSomething” – whether that be an iPhone, an iPad or even an (ancient!) iPod. Maybe an AppleTV. Or wireless AirPods. Or an Apple Watch. Or the new HomePod. If all these devices weren’t simply everywhere nowadays, Apple wouldn’t be the consumer-electronics juggernaut it has become.
In fact, the word “computer” isn’t even part of Apple’s corporate name anymore (for the trivially-minded, it’s actually “Apple, Inc.”). But considering you’re reading this page, I suspect you might even have a Mac (or two, or three!) in your home electronics ‘mix’.
But are you, the consumer, really taking advantage of all the wonderful capabilities hidden inside the shiny Apple boxes that you already have??  It has been our experience that most people don’t.  In fact, most Apple device-owners have barely scratched the surface of all the technical wonders hidden within their Apple-branded gadgetry.  Which is a shame, given all the ways Apple has devised to unify your disparate home electronics components into a true ‘digital hub’ that vastly simplifies and enhances today’s technology-based lifestyle.

We can show you how…
• to make all your Apple devices ‘talk’ to each other
• to share media files throughout your home – photos, music, movies, web content – simply and seamlessly
• to use your “iDevices” to control most anything in your house; from lighting and heating to remote-control of complex home theater systems
• to convert your accumulated libraries of both current-and-obsolete media into current digital formats; and, once complete, make that media accessible from most any device, at any time.
And we guide you – with backup and storage strategies to keep your digital media safe and secure for the long haul..