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Pure-Play Macintosh Support


We support the Macintosh world because we truly believe it’s the best system out there.  And while no technology is perfect (or we wouldn’t have a job!), we believe the combination of security, connectedness, simplicity and integration make the Mac the computing platform of choice.  We support your technology completely; from pre-purchase consultation, hardware and software tutorials, upgrades, workflow optimization to break-fix. 

Big and Small, Home or Office
Whether you represent a small business that requires a server to keep your enterprise data safe, or a homeowner that wants their digital music and video to integrate with a home entertainment center, we’ve got you covered. We have solutions that fit every need and category.
“Switcher” from the PC World?
If the many advantages of becoming a Mac user have persuaded you to switch from a PC, we can ease the details involved in your transition. We can migrate your data, re-establish your e-mail accounts, set up your printers and move your browser bookmarks. We can tutor you on the “Mac way” of doing things. And its an easier process than you might think. What’s more, if you want to retain your PC and make it part of your new “Mac world”, we can do that too. (Heck, we speak PC too!)
Small Business?
We can organize and streamline the way you work with computers. We can analyze your workflow, and recommend needed changes to improve your efficiency. We can ensure the security of your data. We can give you remote access to your information, synchronize your contact info across multiple machines or provide web access to your calendars. Whatever the need, we can provide the technical assist you require.