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iMobile – R U?
Ok, bad “text-ese” aside, today’s fast-paced world demands that we stay “in touch” 24/7 – whether that means replying to an email while waiting for your latte at Starbucks, sending a picture from your kid’s graduation to the extended family, or capturing some unforeseen event as an impromptu movie on your handy iPhone.
But with all the sophisticated hardware and software out there, has anyone ever helped you make sense of it all?
We do.  We know all the ins-and-outs of Apple’s complete mobile iDevice lineup – iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches.  Not to mention laptops – from the most powerful to the most affordable.  So let us help you make the right decision on your next mobile hardware purchase.  We can help you sort the wheat from the fluff – focusing on the features you will use, rather than paying a premium for those you won’t.
And once that all-important purchase is made, we can certainly help you set up, configure and – most importantly – understand your new hardware.  We can show you strategies for keeping your data safe while on the road.  We can show you methods to ensure that your calendars and contacts stay synchronized with your home and office computers.  Or set up workflows that allow you to remotely access your office Mac’s files when off-site in Topeka.
And we are also a handy, (mostly!) unbiased resource that can help you navigate the scary world of cellular carriers, allowing you to make the best, least-pressured choice of the available mobile providers.  We help determine who will give you the best deal for your needs, not theirs.