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Networks and Networking
Today, computer networks are so ubiquitous as to be functionally invisible; always there when you need them, carrying more data to more places than anyone could have envisioned even a few years ago.  But with all this advancement in complex technology, comes a reliance we would also never have conceived of; so when a network fails (and they do!), we feel helpless – cut off from the world outside our door.
Ok, we can fix that.  We live and breathe networking.  We can get you back up-and-communicating.  But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.
We make networks that defy expectations.  We put reliable equipment in the place of the shoddy.  We make wired into wireless (where it’s necessary and beneficial).  We secure your data from those with nefarious intent.  We make devices talk – regardless of platform or type of hardware.
Macs to PCs to Smart Phones to Home Theater Systems to Refrigerators (yes, there are networkable refrigerators!).  If it moves data, we can configure it.
Go Wireless
Why be constrained by the network cable?  Let’s move!  Nowadays, most laptop computers (and even most traditional big-box computer workstations) come complete with wireless networking hardware.  So you can watch a video on your laptop in the living room.  Or send photos to a friend from your front yard.  Or converse on a VoIP phone.
But how about when the technology reaches its limits?  Video stutters.  Emails don’t get sent. Phone calls get dropped.  What to do?
We make WiFi better.  We can eliminate the ‘dead zones’ in your network, allowing communication to occur unimpeded – wherever you are.  No matter what your needs, we have wireless networking solutions to overcome any issue.
And we evaluate your WiFi security needs too, finding the ‘sweet spot’ between security concerns and intrusive, business-deterring processes.
Expand Your Horizons
Small (and home) businesses have long been constrained by the high price of enterprise-grade networking equipment, with the result often being a lack of desired services.  We can frequently offer low-cost alternatives that mirror the networking services available to “the big guys”.
Examples of these strategies include secure site-to-site networking, seamless remote data access and mobile user tracking.  Ask us how we might work together to enhance your business communication.