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WordPress Web Design
Simplicity. It’s a concept that should be paramount in good web design. And our clients’ websites reflect that design mantra; they are never less than stylish, beautiful and functional.
A Broad Spectrum of Clients
Scroll through the carousel of the websites below that we created for our clients. As you can see, they represent a broad spectrum of both industries and interests. Click on the magnifying glass icon to peruse the selected site live. Most are hosted on our own state-of-the-art servers, supported by a gigabit fiber-optic internet connection.

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Our Advantages
• We’re local. Unlike so many automated, template-driven services on the web, we are here, in person, to guide you in the creation of a perfect website.
• We’re custom. We don’t work from templates, so we can guarantee that your website won’t look like everyone else’s. Your website will absolutely reflect your personal style or business identity, because we work with you from start to finish.
• We host. Part of our “value added” mantra is the inclusion of free web hosting for the first year of your new site (and it’s very inexpensive thereafter!).
• We tutor. Our website-creation philosophy includes a firm belief that, once complete, you shouldn’t need a web programmer to make every little subsequent update or change for you. Our sites operate simply, and we will show you how to maintain yours. (Of course, we can certainly maintain your site should you not want to, and our fees for updates are very reasonable)
• We’re inexpensive. In one recent example, we completely redesigned a client’s website for less than one tenth the cost of their previous web designer. We keep costs incredibly reasonable and don’t ever pad bills with unnecessary extras.